The Resurrection

Ken Cooper
February 21, 2021

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When we think about a Bible study every we think about on faith the faith chapter of the Bible is Hebrews.

And then the love chapter of the Bible. What’s that?

First Corinthians 13

this morning. I want to look at another one that we don’t often talk about but it’s just as important and as as any and that is the time of

Having a lesson on the subject basically.

on the resurrection

and the resurrected there is a resurrection chapter of the Bible and that of course is starts and does not learn through the entire book or number of chapters. But the question there’s no question about the importance of the Resurrection the fact that Jesus lived and died.

Is beyond question?

Call me bear and housing.

Got together and they had a lesson not lesson a book about two and a half inches thick.

on The Life and Times of GF Paul the Apostle

and this fact that is the fact of the Resurrection is so interwoven with history that to attempt to blot it out would be like trying to blot out the sun with the Moon. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t happen.

So I want us to do probably will go to Andy or someone is fairly close here, but have him read for some of the passages that give me time to get there. The first one I want us to look at is in Matthew chapter 20 28 verse 6, and it could you

As he said, okay when we were there in in-person number of years ago now.

But they were on the way to the tomb.


the women


I’m sorry, the Angels also made a comment here. They didn’t know what had become of the body.

And so what were they to do? They were simply told by an Angel?

That he is risen.

What is the alternative?

When we think about this such an important topic.

If he is not risen, then where did the body go we can look at our modern-day court system is nothing more than a perversion of the things that we see in Scripture.

But the angel said that he is not here he has risen when we were there. What’s often called Gordon’s Calvary was?

Trying to about it got about 100 yards approximately 2 sister that was shaped on the inside. Like a lot of the vases are jars that they would have.


Horse, that was a source of water plenty of water for the garden and the disciples knew very well about this such a source of water. But who was it? Who is it that we get the idea of the Resurrection? There’s only two classes of people that we see here at this point.

That they might have been able to do that and that is his friends and his enemies it was impossible for his friends know to move the stone away from the entrance into the into the tomb the tomb is an unusually large to him for those days something like about six foot tall doorway. Maybe not quite that much as I recall it.


you can tell that there was two different rooms.

one of them was and what was just added to the vision so that women and others could go in and talk about the reflect upon the

The possibility of what happened?

There stood a Roman guard.

some of those some who are critics was that say that there were 16 men there in this little room one of the divided by half by Solid Rock and you could still see the raised elevation at the one place the 12

If you see a picture of that in an encyclopedia or something, you can see on the outside regular building blocks of cement blocks.

As we would think of them today.

In the body was left in 21, and then after that then women who come in and anoint the body and all of those kinds of things but there was a Roman guard there to prevent the very thing that we see here that it was impossible for his friends to move it.

His friends, of course were women for the most part at who are visiting the Tomb at this point and they were there to prevent this very thing of happening that is that the Roman guards.

guarded the tomb they were given the charge of that and

they would it would they would prevent the very thing that the Jews wanted so they could they had a chance could they that is the women obtain the body?

but bribing the guard if there were 3 or if there were 16, it doesn’t tell us exactly that we have that window of opportunity and

They could know one of those two groups women or the enemies in the soldiers are guards.

Could they have obtained a bounty for the body?

Of bribing the guards.

And we would say even today in feta clean. Oh, there’s no way that the guards would be brought there. One of the things about the Roman army is that whenever they pass judgment it was real.


so they they couldn’t do what they what some wanted and that was it did not want what they got was the very thing that the Lord talks about before his death did the death penalty actually was for the disappearance.

Of the charge that was given to the Gentoo the Roman guards.

They were not supposed to do they were if even a fairly minor Escape could be turned quickly into a capital punishment.

of course, that was why the soldiers were there in the first place not to do not for that to happen and

so is the body was announced as being gone just as soon as it was announced that the body is gone these men the guards.

Must Die


it was a rather grim look upon and there was me Roman soldiers who did not adhere to the things that the there higher-ups their officers and things like that, but

the body was gone and with that charge given prior to the to the Roman guards, didn’t they?

Saw that they would die in that kind of permit persuasion.

perhaps pilot

really about the only one who could offer any kind of circumstantial evidence, which is not evidence at all that they might have been persuaded by Pilot after all the high priest and other officers were there and they wanted that body to stay exactly where it was put

the evidence of his resurrection

is that there are at least five at least five penalties of death that’s imposed upon. These here should have been imposed upon him by the Roman soldiers and it’s again connected with them disappearance of the body.

Was there anything like that none?

None that’s less than 1.


where executed

not a single one and yet pilot here. It was in the in the area as well and that none of them were brought up the fact about the persecution and the passing on of the death penalty to those who were charged with responsibility.

the body being of Jesus disappearing

and then we execute is so unusual. Look at other places, they go back and they dig up tombs and one was found him.

Is that a remember poorly?

There was a knock illogical D where they found steak. It was driven to the upper wrist.

And how long hang on that kind of across for his duration, but the thing was that they weren’t archaeologists started digging. They found that this one Spike was sandwiched are drove into the Flesh and

Of course, the further investigation could find that those things were not really as accurate as they should have been.

And so cast reflection back on the Jews in Palestine those that was the mentioned there was in Asia Minor.

but these

let me see that the

See the resurrection and those that were charged with the keeping that whether it was a large number, we would think 16 would be a fairly large number or three.

It doesn’t make much difference if the penalty is commune come in re coming on. What was really true.

Look at the look at the guards just a second.

They’re almost in the jaws of death. They knew what was going to come if they didn’t if they didn’t have the the evidence and all of that kind of things.

And so they were very much into the jaws of death. They were taking the time. Jesus was hanging on the cross.

But G they were taking the time that is the Rome the Roman soldiers were taking their time about his body.

We have to believe who would we believe the two thieves one on either side of the

Cross or

would they risk?

their lives

being a leader.

But what about what are they going to do about it?

the Risen Christ

then they would not.

try to aggravate the situation so far as Roman soldiers pilot and others Herod was in the area made a comment to him and from that day on one version tells us that he was

He did not he will not obtain the body through normal means because he these Roman soldiers had.

Had died. Are we about to die and here they are folding napkins face Claws and made of linen.

And then the women who come in and anoint the body after the the apostles, but certainly the apostles would not want to risk their lives for a living leader, but we risk them to obtain the body of a dead imposter.

So we have two we’re left very little evidence, but it’s emphatic evidence because we must believe that men would die for telling a falsehood.

If they realize that it was a lie being told here in propagated. They could say that escape all of the persecution and possible death at that time. It would bring them really nothing but death or persecution.

In telling a lie.

And that’s what it would cost them.

They could have avoided that persecution. They could have avoided that the threat of death by execution of the Roman soldiers and then they themselves would be under the same same law.

But this for a moment this look at the character of the team that I’m not going to list all of these are read all of these.

somebody when you guys

would you read Luke 23 verse 53 it now though.

John 19 verse 41

Somebody with it good deep voice.

No air could be made so far as the the

To knows what it said talk about that Garden Gardens have to be water. Don’t they? Yes what we have about 250,000 gallons in this Garden or the fountain for the garden.

When I was there I got a quick Glimpse like maybe five seconds. I didn’t realize what I was happy with what was happening in that I was so close to looking down to see the body.

Not the body of men, but the all of the people that were involved in that there was a ladder that was taller than this interior of this building.

And they could see the body after we getting down in there. They could see where bodies may have been thrown and impaled upon Stakes but

Anyway, there’s no no air that could be made these the men that were watching including the the Roman soldiers and the apostles in they they were certain fairly marked on the cross. He had been beaten mercilessly that he couldn’t even get from the the

Highway today there’s a bus yard there.

Kind of like our modern day.

Type of transportation and and all that. Another thing the tomb was cut out of rock cut out of solid rock we would say

somebody want to read for us Matthew 27 verse 60

There was no other entrance could be made.

If it was a solid human rock, he had a solid drop. It just further talks to tells us about the the evidence that we have is still resounding evidence even today because of how many were there what actually took place what normally took place in the Tomb those things just simply did not

somebody Heaven Matthew 27

She had cut the rock rolled a great Stone to the entrance of the junior Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were there sitting opposite.

Okay, so

there was no other one entrance into the

into the tomb

no other there the idea of the cinder blocks are building Stones. They were made out of concrete. Obviously. Those are

something that was put there possibly as a Manger.

Though they didn’t there’s nothing really been influential and cures much about that.

But there was only that one too and only one had been placed in that and it was obviously a place of worship.

By those things and we’re about less than a hundred yards from the Fountain of cistern of water. That would be used for the for the tomb and those that made up the to the tomb was also sealed with the great Stone.

And we see a lot of pictures that it’s like a wheel.

Well, that’s a little over simplification and unfortunate but

tombs did not always we’re not always sealed they were in certain cases, but they were sealed with this great Stone not just a single ball of wax like a lot of want to include but there are three women there who could roll who could roll away the stone but they couldn’t roll way this know what we’re they go they went to find

more than the cycle so they could do just that.

And so in their weakened condition I rather hit in his weakened condition. Jesus could not have done what they were needing to be done. They had seen in the Tomb.

But they needed more than that. And so they went back to get the apostles. The very careful study is made as we go through the contents of the Tomb Luke chapter 24 verse 12. Somebody want to read that.

Luke 24 verse 12

some of the evidences is coming.

We can see that evidence today.

In the see how they do that and they somebody has written on there with a wood router. I’m sure that with something of yellow paint.

And holding from what the angel said he is not here he has risen. So when the contents of the two was observed there was no doubt. It was marked Beyond question. All of those kinds of things the witness has made a careful survey that the women and then Peter says why would Peter be the one that would do that?

Wasn’t he the one?

That place there to see.

They could they couldn’t open this Stone either. Sometimes the way they sealed certain individuals was like a ball of wax put against the solid rock and then threading that a rope to the outside and using another ball of wax, but it was

Careful, there was levels of clarity and Survey of the Tomb to testify what they saw. It was not just Fearless kind of thing at all serious.

And we see as we look back a few months and years even now that all of the evidence test of the fact that he was raised from the dead.

They testified what they saw linen clause in one place the face cloth and leather or napkin have some refer to it.

all of those kinds of things

but then but the problem still exists about the problem of the body of Jesus the disciples could not steal and dispose of the

the term the Jews would not steal. That’s where that what they wanted. Keep the keep this guy in the Tomb. They saw they were really wanting out of those soldiers regards and then finally the guards themselves. They dare not make changes like they they did.

I’m sorry. I’m going over all other than I should have but I thank you for your kind attention and

we haven’t invitation.

if there’s someone here this morning that

As never obeyed the gospel. We want to encourage you to do just that.

You can come with faith in your heart.

Repenting of your sins making the good confession before others.

And then of course being baptized for the Forgiveness of your sins all have that responsibility and we can base that we base our faith on a resurrected savior.

If you’re here need to make those changes we encourage you to come as we stand insane.