Andrew Isbell
January 31, 2021

God should be the foundation of Christian relationships. Upon that foundation we should encourage one another to practice love and good works. The only way to do this is to be together. We cannot make it on our own; we have to protect and provide for each other. The world will not support us. When we have God and each other, in truth, we are never alone.

Choices in Life

Glenn Isbell
January 10, 2021

God allows us to choose; we must choose the right thing. Let’s choose spiritual over carnal, eternal over temporal. Choose God’s will over man’s, commitment over convenience. Our Choices will effect our eternity.

Jonathon’s Battle

Andrew Isbell
January 3, 2021

Jonathon took his armor bearer and sneaked into the enemy’s camp. Because God was on Jonathon’s side, he did not need an army. He had confidence that God was in control. The Lord saved Israel that day.


Jacob Jackson
December 27, 2020

The Bible describes remembering as an action. We choose both what things to remember and what things to forget. We must remember all the things God has both done for us and promised to us. We must forget the things of the world that tempt us. Remembering God’s favor will give us the strength for the trials of life. Along the way, however, we must forget the faults of others so God will forget our faults.

Abraham’s Children

Jacob Jackson
December 20, 2020

Abraham was willing to offer his son as an offering to God because he trusted God. Much later, Abraham’s children stood at the entrance to the promised land and did not trust God. God has brought us to the entrance of the heavenly promised land. We have a choice to make. Will we stand up with courage like Abraham, or will we return to bondage because of fear?

David and Goliath

Jacob Jackson
November 29, 2020

The account of David and Goliath is not just a children’s story; the events of that day are relevant to us now. When a scary giant challenges us, we must use the power of God to defeat him. Leaning on our own understanding will only enable fear.